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The blogs of a guy who quit his job, sold or gave away all of his possessions, joined the Peace Corps and moved to the tiny island Kingdom of Tonga. This is his (and only) his story.

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BITCH! Damnit! I was trying to fix some email problems that I've been having at school and accidentally deleted the entire database. Ummmm.... yeah. That's pretty sweet and i love it. I planned on vegging out and listening to nothing for the next few days at a Peace Corps conference and now, I can see the rest of my week flashing before my eyes.

The conundrum... Do I go to sleep now pre-emptively and get some rest before the onslaugt, or do I pull the all-nighter and try to get an answer?

"Sweet Jesus Please Help Me! Amen."

Yours in bondage to the infernal machinations,

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So what's up...

With me? Not too much. Sorry I haven't written anything in a while, I've just been content. I've logged on here a couple of times and just sort of decided to do something else. Its probably because my posts end up turning into novellas by the time I finish them, so I'll keep tonight's brief.

So I'm feeling much, much better here. I was having a hard time for a while last term and I'm still not completely on my feet, often I still feel a little overwhelmed, but I've been hitting up the gym and maximizing my pumpitude not so much to get hugified or anything, but to get some more energy. Tonight was the first time I've been under 80 Kilos on the scale which puts me roughly at a post-oafwhich weight of 175lbs, which now makes the official weight loss somewhere in the area of 40lbs! Holy cow! That kicks ass. Since this is officially my second week back at running I can tell people about it now, Tonga Steve and I have been running 4 miles a day twice a week and I'm running them at about 10 minutes a mile, I'm pretty proud of myself. I find that physically, I'm just not prepared to get my job done if I don't take that time to exercise. Just wanted to gloat and do the math tonight which is why I'm throwing up the numbers. So I got that going for me.

Lets see... Just got back from some chilli with Todd and Judy and J.K. and Karen and the food rocked and the conversation was even better. Just a complete myriad of interesting humdrum all about. We were actually forcibly removed by Judy as they have like work and stuff tomorrow. I'm supposed to keep this short so I'm not going to rant, just keep it stoopid-dope.

Activities of Interest
- Last week I had my first incident with a gas stove. I lit a peace corps stove that was quietly adding gas to the pressurized chamber with a match, very smartly I must add. The casualties were mild as my impenitrable mounds of protective wookie fur singed and smelled nasty for just a few moments. Afterwards, however, the potluck was a resounding success.

- Had a minor run in with the polisi, a fokisi and some barrels full of beer. Its a great story and I'll tell it later when I'm in the mood.

- Schools going well. I'm still trying to play catch up with the whole New Zealand trip stuff. I didn't exactly hit the ground running when I got back so I'm still just sai sai pe. Should be getting better next weekish when I have some time to think and plan.

- Coming home tonight, I passed one of my favorite stores called "Taste of America". I buy stuff like Hellman's Real Mayonaise there. Actually, I don't because they never have it anymore. If you love me and want to send me some stuff, send me Hellmann's ooooohhhh... and Oreo Cookies Food only a tevolo could love... Oh yeah, back to the story. So I'm walking home tonight and my store is all boarded up with plywood on the windows like they went out of business. Spray-painted on plywood is a happy face with the word "vacation" tagged across the front of it. Now in the states, that may be one way of saying your business has failed and that you'll not be re-opening or you could have had a fire which burnt everything down. Here in Tonga, I have no doubt that that is the proper way to leave your Tongan store when you go on vacation. Anyways, it just reminded me that I'm in a different country.

- Yeah! I had one of those, oh yeah, I live here moments last week. Hadn't had that in while. It was funny I was over my friend Troy's place eating some food he just got from the states with a bunch of other volunteers and I thought to myself, just briefly, "Who the hell are these people? *Pause* Where am I? *Pause* What am I doing here?" I quickly figured out the answers and remembered that I live in Tonga, but every once in a while they sneak up on you and make you act dumb for a minute then be cool for a while because you gave up a lot to get here and it really is worth it.

- Finally getting off my ass and starting to get some of the networking stuff done. Step 1, double the bandwidth. For a mere $700 pa'anga a month you too could have a blazing fast 128kpbs connection. Actually, as I've already indicated, that's doubling our speed and I am REALLY excited about it.

- Must have pissed off my family because no one ever writes me. Well here's my attempt at communication: Dear Mom and Dad, Send money.

- Oh yeah! This news is the HUGEST! I'm getting hotwater installed tomorrow morning. It is official. The plumbers have been bribed and stuffed to the gils with Ufi, the equipment is shackled to my legs like alimony and I've got a penchant for buggery. Everything is a go and tonight will officially be my last cold winter Tongan shower. For those previous Peace Corps volunteers that may express anger at my extravagant lifestyle and robin-leech living conditions, I say to you.. "Don't hate the playa, hate the game."

Alright, that's good enough for now. Finally, I'm going to throw out a couple of shameless web-site promotions J.K.'s site which has much cooler, fun and sexy pictures of Peace Corps Tonga (i.e. - me) and my rappin' homie M.C. Ti's site for a phat, phast and pheel-good time. That's enough for me. I'm off to the last cold shower I'm going to have in Tonga ever. All shower posts from here on out must be banned due to the graphic nature of their hot-soapy-sexy-hairy content.

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