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I even have sunburn on my eyes!

Close up of my eyes on fire!

Oh My God! My eyes hurt so much I don't even know what to do. So yesterday we went on a fishing trip. I put on some sunsceen early in the morning around 8:00 a.m. SPF 30, nothing less than that and reapplied it around 1:00 in the afternoon, but I could already tell it was too late. I've got the redneck tan like my house has a mosquito problem, Big Time.

So right now, I'm quietly crying and trying to keep my eyeballs as moist as I can because they hurt so much. I have never in my life heard of getting sunburnt on your eyes but then again you learn something new EVERYDAY! Today I learned that you can, in fact, get sunburn on your eyes. Oh Good!

Oh and the results on the fishing trip are a bit disappointing. We shoved off from the Nuku'alofa fishing club around 8:30 in the morning and took the boat out to Eua'iki and did some trolling for mahimahi. Toti, my neighbor, got a hit and managed to get int the drivers seat for what seemed like it was huge fish. Sadly, however, he girled out, and the fish maanged to escape the clutches of our 'barby' and tortures of a tequilla marinade. Everyone was sad. At the time, we didn't realize that it was going to be the only fish that we would almost catch all day.

So that was around 12:00 in the afternoon or so. We continued to drive around the islands for another 3 and half hours trying to catch some fish, all to no avail. Eventually, around 3:30, we decided to call it a day and head back to the wharf. Of course the boat ran out of fuel about 30 minutes from the dock. No problem here, we can use the Emergency motor and this emergency petrol that the captain has. Hooray! We're in business.

Until the emergency petrol runs out. And we're stuck floating in the main channel. For almost two hours. Without a paddle. So we wait for a couple of hours until the Aussie's can come and give us a tow back to town. They do and it takes another hour. So all said and done, we finish up around 6:15 p.m. So, to summarize: The 4 hours fishing trip took almost 10 hours, we didn't catch any fish and Toti can't catch a fish to save his life. Oh boy. Ahhh! Can't forget about the sunburned eyes either. Yes!

I did get to check of "Deep Sea Fishing' from my list of stuff to do and I did have a good time, but like everything else that I manage to do in Tonga, its fakahela. Wanton Lunacy or Craziness. Posted by Picasa
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  • "So we wait for a couple of hours until the Aussie's can come and give us a tow back to town"

    Happy to spirit. hehe.
    # posted by nicole : 12/01/2005 5:31 PM
  • Does Tonga Peace Corp liase with Fiji Peace Corps?

    You are in a interesting period of social progress in Tonga RE: Commoners wanting the Nobles to give up power. Same kind of discourse in Fiji and Great Council of Chiefs.

    What is the general policy of Peace Corp in teaching Creationism vs Darwanism?

    BTW I had a Peace Corp teacher back in 1990. He was Vietnamese and even fought in war. Mr Xuan was his name.
    # posted by laminar_flow : 12/02/2005 2:06 PM