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Tongans Beaten by Soldiers

I don't know if this post Tonga MP says hundreds brutally beaten by soldiers is true or not, but I find this staggering. Can any of the recent posters validate this as true or not? Is this just some sort of scrap for attention by the democracy movement or are these soldiers really hurting people? Tonga is such a small place I can't imagine these soldiers hurting there cousins and family.


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  • It is so sad to see such a worthy cause (pro-democracy), come to a sudden stand-still in this tiny 'peaceful' island nation amid this mayhem. As someone who witnessed the whole ordeal, it may seem scary and I do not condone the actions of a few minority who hijacked Mr. Pohiva's genuine cry for his people. Let us be wary of the fact that there will be a few who will and have blamed Mr. Pohiva and co-horts for this mess. But at the same time, who is really to blame? If Mr. Pohiva is to be blamed for this, then we are in full endorsement of a feudal system or regime which will not listen to its people. The minute it listens to the people, it loses it's power... at least to the regime...
    This has been a result of a long suppressed people who have been brainwashed to accept what they are given in the name of Christianity, only to benefit the top of the regime. The Bible and Christianity haven't been used in its true sense, it has been used to suppress a people who were like sheep being led to the slaughter of high cost of fuel, electricity, water rates, Goods & Services tax, the doing away of the bonded warehouses and the newly proposed tax bill. The sheep have behaved like goats lately, for the one doing the slaughter to realise, that even sheep do feel the pain....
    Ofa lahi atu kia Tonga.
    # posted by Anonymous Anonymous : 12/01/2006 3:45 PM
  • Tongan people(not the majority) led by 'Akilisi Pohiva and his parties were eagered to see Political Change.For many years they tried their best and finally they achieved their goals.They made their change on Nov 16,2006.A change that cost 7 innocent lives and also turn the beautiful capital of Tonga into a sh$thole.
    # posted by Anonymous Anonymous : 12/07/2006 10:32 AM
  • Mahino kia au hono ngaue'aki 'e he kau feinga liliu 'ae to'utupu 'o Tonga ki he ngaue pango ko 'eni ne fai 'i Nuku'alofa. Pea hange koe lau kuo 'osi ma'u pe 'enautolu 'ae totongi 'enau hia maumau lao na'ef ai: 1.koe teuteu ki he ngaue popula 2. Ta'emanonga 'ae loto, 'atamai moe laumalie he 'oku tulimui atu pe 'ae tutu na'amou fai ki ho 'atamai he miniti kotoa.
    3. Kuopau ho iku'anga ko HELI he kuoke fili koe kia AFI.
    4.Te ke fe'ao ai pe mo masiva 'ilo, masiva kelesi from God, masiva koloa 'i mamani.
    5.'Ai pea pehe 'e teitei hoko homou fanga ki'i loto kovi, he kuo tu'u poupou mo ma'u pe 'e Tupou 5 ia 'ae ngaahi support 'ae 'u fonua muli.Koe fua ia ho'omou tutututu.
    KA mou fai mo o moha fanga puaka toho 'o kole fakamolemole ki he Tu'i fo'ou na'a faifai pea toe fakafoki'i kimoutolu ki he kuonga mu'a koe popula heke 'aki e kili kia King. Ka ne a'fio'i 'e Tupou 1 temou anga'i manu pehe .'E e,mahalo ne sai ange pe ke 'oua e foaki atu e tau'ataina ia ki ho'omou fanga kui he koe hako ia e manu ke ngaue fakapopula pe ki he pa 'a ngangalu lol! 'Oua e hamumu, mo nofo he 'api ko ta'e'ilo'i kita.
    Long live the King!!!
    'Ofa atu kia nautolu ne mole si'enau ma'u'anga mo'ui he ngaue vale na'e fai.
    # posted by Anonymous Anonymous : 12/08/2006 11:53 PM
  • Tongan MP must be the arsonist MP...
    fai mo ta ke homo e ta$%^ moe vale tutu and kaiha'a.
    # posted by Anonymous Anonymous : 4/09/2007 12:33 PM
  • Blessings:

    "There will be wars and rumors 0f wars...but they are only distractions to keep you from YOUR journey to meet GOD, and learn how GOD sees you, that you may find your TRUE purpose in life."
    May the 'LOVE' of Christ guide you, not the 'Rules' of man.
    your humble servant,
    ancient clown
    # posted by Blogger Ancient Clown : 5/12/2007 7:51 AM